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Same-Sex Love: And the Path to Wholeness This Is The First Book To Examine The Unique Ways In Which Gay Men And Lesbians Make The Journey Toward The Psychic Wholeness And Balance Needed In Every Life A Process C G Jung Called Individuation Here Eighteen Prominent Therapists And Writers Offer Thought Provoking Insights Into The Deep Meaning Of Homosexuality Contributions From Robert A Johnson, Christine Downing, Robert Bosnak, Joseph Henderson, John Beebe, Robert H Hopcke, Howard Teich, Morgan Farley, Caroline T Stevens, Will Roscoe, Karin Lofthus Carrington, Lyn Cowan, Scott Wirth, Suzy Naiberg, Donald Sandner, David J Tacey, Eugene Monick, And Susan Griffin.

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    This book found me The word Wholeness in its title caught my eyes and I started to browse trough the pages It is mostly essays but among them there were poems written by Morgan Farley And that completely sucked me in These poems were the most beautiful love poems and self discovery poems I have ever read It cost me some tears to read them and now I m on my quest to find something of Farley Main...

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