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Μπαρμπαρόσα ο πειρατής BARBAROSSA THE PIRATE Summary A Forgotten Manuscript Stashed Away For Centuries In The Crypt Of Anisolated Monastery In The Greek Island Of Cerigo Bring Into Light Thebloody Livelihood Of The Notorious Pirates, The Barbarossa Brothers Froma Humble Fishing Village In Lesbos He Was Ascended To The Sultan S Courtin Constantinople And From The Dark Government Buildings In Venice Tothe Luxurious Algiers Palaces The Historic Truth Is Interweaved With Mythin An Intoxicating Avalanche Of Images, Passio Ns And Revelations Comingto Life And Twisting Us Like A Whirlwind, Carrying Us Unprotected To A Timeof Ruthless But Straight Forward Arrivist Es, Plotting Sovereigns Andscheming Representatives Of The Church Of Christ.Greeks And Turks, Christians And Muslims, Venetians And Geno VeseSpanish And French Are All Dancing Together In This Intoxicating Ball Oflooting, Manslaughter And Slave Trade Arouz And Hayre Din Barbarossa,Andrea Doria, Suleiman The Great, Francesco Of France, Isabella Of Spainwith Their Antagonists, Their Hates, Loves, Passions, Crimes But Also Withtheir Strategic War Genius Leave The Dusty History Shelves And Guide Usthrough The Gruesome Years Of Anarchy At Sea And The Terror Of Piracy.

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    I chose this as my novel for Greece The author is Greek, but the novel is set all over the Mediterranean The time is the end of the fifteenth century and beginning of the sixteenth, when the Byzantine Empire has fallen and the Ottoman Empire is expanding Rival groups are trading across the Mediterranean and pirates or privateers are raiding vessels, often selectively The Greeks and the Italian city states are long established as seafaring nations, the Turks are not.Three boys grow up on the island of Mitilini or Lesvos, Ermolaos and two brothers Arouz and Hizr The story follows their exploits They are mainly together, although Ermolaos spends some time in Venice as a teenager The narrator is Ermolaos in old age, writing his confession.This is good historical fiction, an exciting story backed up by painstaking research The language used is simple and straight forward, probably in the original as well as the translation More descriptive writing would have made ...

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