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Manifesto series The Manifesto Series Is An Anthology Of Northwest Plays Edited By Erik Ehn, Featuring Plays By Glen Berger, Heidi Schreck, Yussef El Guindi, Bret Fetzer Juliet Waller Pruzan, Amy Wheeler, And Sung Rno This Is The First Edition Of What Will Be A Biannual Compilation, Each Volume Edited By A Different Nationally Recognized Playwright Volume 1 Includes Great Men Of Science, No 21 22 By Glen Berger A Remarkable Piece Of Sustained, Intelligent And Archly Comic Writinga Delightful And Thought Provoking Intellectual Adventure, Anchored In Amour, Outrage, Provocations And Curiosities New Haven Advocate Back Of The Throat By Yussef El Guindi Playwright El Guindi Puts A Human Face On The People We Read About In The Newspapers Or Perhaps Importantly, That We Don T Fully Hear About He Demonstrates Theatrically The All Too High Price Of Homeland Security San Francisco Bay Times Tornado Avalanche By Bret Fetzer Juliet Waller Pruzan Two Charming, Funny Fables That Use Natural Disasters As Vehicles For Exploring The Cataclysmic Act Of A God Called Love The Stranger Cleveland Raining By Sung Rno Cleveland Raining Has A Volkswagen Beetle With A Psychedelic Paint Job, A Trunk Full Of Beer And Kim Chee, And A Moter That Runs On The Energy Of Emotional Loss I Loved It At Once San Jose Mercury News Stray By Heidi Schreck There Is Something Elemental And Affecting In It Somthing That Gets Under Your Skin, The Way The Pared Down, Concentrated Works Of Harold Pinter And Maria Irene Fornes Do The Seattle Times Two Birds And A Stone By Amy Wheeler Amy Wheeler Has Distilled Brutal Reality And Presented It To Us In A Way That Helps Us See The World Differently And Inspires Us To Think Beyond Ourselves And The Televised Version Of War That Comes Into Our Living Rooms U.S Congressman Jim McDermott, Speaking On The Opening Night Performance, Feb 28, 2004

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    You got a love an anthology that includes a play about kitchen appliances falling from the sky Okay, they re not falling They re being dropped by pilots in love with a woman in the house below.