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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes This Top Five Classics Edition Of THE MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES Includes More Than 60 Original Illustrations By Sidney Paget An Introduction Author Biography And Bibliography Could It Be That Sherlock Holmes Has Finally Met His Match In The Villainous Professor Moriarty Quite Possibly The Only Way To Know For Certain Is To Read The Climactic Story The Final Problem From This Collection Of Sherlock Holmes Tales In This Second Compilation Of Stories By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Following The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes , We Learn About Holmes First Ever Investigation In The Gloria Scott Meet His Older, Smarter And Fatter And Lazier Brother, Mycroft And Are Introduced To The Most Evil Criminal Mastermind In English Literature, Professor Moriarty Including All Twelve Stories That Originally Appeared In The Strand Magazine, THE MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES Contains Some Of The Greatest Mysteries The World S Greatest Detective And Dr Watson Ever Encountered.

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  • The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
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  • 06 May 2019

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    A 85% Extraordinary Notes Wherein Sherlock Holmes is given backstory and greater dimension, while the stories get darker and complex.

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    The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that had originally been published in the Strand Magazine Much like we like to watch our favorite shows with a new episode every week, the Strand published these stories and fans couldn t get enough Readers, not unlike fans today, wanted to have a marathon, so Doyle published collections allowing them to binge out on their favorite detective This is the second Sherlock Holmes collection and at the t...

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    The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes, 4 , Arthur Conan DoyleSilver Blaze The Adventure of the Yellow Face The Adventure of the Stockbroker s Clerk The Adventure of the Gloria Scott The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual The Adventure of the Reigate Squires The Adventure of the Crooked Man The Adventure of the Resident Patient The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter The Adventure of the Navel Treaty The Final Pr...

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    Mr Fry is a genius of interpretation

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    This is just a wonderful , to me, walk down memory lane, re living and re experiencing some of the most iconic Holmes stories ever written by Sir Arth.This book contains such gems as The Musgrave Ritual , Silver Blaze , The Resident Patient , The fabulous Greek Interpreter and of course the amazing, emotional, fatal The Final Problem.The Final Problem, what can...

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    Another series of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes as reported by his faithful biographer Dr Watson and it becomes clearer than ever that the real draw of these stories is the fascinating character of Holmes himself The mysteries are secondary to the enjoyment, though many of them do prove to have distinct elements of interest otherwise why would the great detective have bothered himself about them , but it really is in observing the fascinating character of Holmes himself that the reader is immersed in them Indeed, this collection provides a rare treat for the reader in that we learn about the detective and his early life and connections than has previously been the case Thus it was that some of the most interesting stories here, for me at least, were those that hearkened back to Holmes youth and showed us the man he was and in which we can see the seeds of the man he would come to be.The first of these in this book is The Adventure of the Gloria Scott The primary interest in this tale comes from the glimpse it gives us to Holmes first case though the following tale, The Musgrave Ritual is...

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    June 7, 2019This is Doyle s second collection of canonical Sherlock Holmes stories, containing a dozen tales originally published in The Strand magazine between Dec 1892 and Nov 1893 It s included in an omnibus volume of Holmes books that my wife gave me several years ago, The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes, which is enhanced by all of the original black and white drawings by gifted artist Sidney Paget I ve recently begun using it to dip into when I m between other reads so in this installment I ll review only the four stories I ve read so far.Of these four, I d actually already read three of them elsewhere before starting this book These are The Adventure of the Stockbroker s Clerk, which is included in Great English Short Stories though I didn t comment on it in detail in my review of that anthology and which is actually difficult to comment on without a spoiler The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual, the antiquarian flavor of which, built around a strange centuries old family tradition, make it one of my favorites in the Holmes corpus and The Adventure of the Final Problem The latter story is the on...

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    After reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s first set of 12 stories called adventures, comes is the second set of 11 stories called memoirs I don t know why when these stories follow the same pattern and style as those adventures I read that these stories were originally published individually in 1894 in a British magazine, Strand Maybe, it was just the way of grouping these short stories Silver Blaze John Straker tries to drug the horse Silver Blaze so he can bet against him and win a lot of money to finance his mistress Holmes solves the case by checking the behavior of other animals in the barn Nothing remarkable here 2 starsThe Yellow Face Jack is black Effie is white They have Lucy who is black Jack dies and Effie marries John Effie hides Lucy because she is black to John No crime for Holmes to solve Looks like just a story on racism and not your typical Sherlock Holmes 2 starsThe Stock broker s Clerk Two brothers trying to fool a job applicant A story similar to the previous ones where an undesirable...

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    Que el t tulo incluya la palabra memorias sugiere mucho y, aunque s que la mayor a ya sabe c mo termina, no por eso voy a arruinarle el final a la minor a Creo que no supera a Estudio en escarlata o El sabueso de los Baskerville y, aunque varios de estos cuentos me supieron a poco, vali la pena llegar hasta el final Adem s, las aristas que se presentan de Holmes lo pintan mucho mejor que en los libros anteriores sigue siendo un mis gino, lamentablemente eso no lo cambia Har un punteo sencillo sobre los relatos que est n incluidos en este volumen, sin spoilers La calificaci n total corresponde al promedio de las estrellas individuales que puse entre par ntesis Silver Blaze 4 entretenido cuento sobre la desaparici n de un caballo de carreras y el asesinato de su entrenador Holmes despliega mucho humor e iron a, siempre burl ndose de la ley pero manteni ndose dentro de ella para defenderla La cara amarilla 5 se presenta como uno de los casos en donde Holmes fall Un hombre acude a l, desesperado, porque sospecha que su esposa anda en algo raro El relato es muy bueno por el trasfondo que tiene y el se or Munro se llev mi respeto El escribiente del corredor de Bolsa 4 con este cuento casi me duermo la explicaci n del denunciante es demasiado larga , pero en el final tiene un giro interesante La corbeta Gloria Scott 3 es el primer caso de un joven Holmes y se lo presenta a Watson La historia me pareci original y per...

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    As with most short story collections, you have hits and misses However in this collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, Conan Doyle writes far too many misses to be it to be enjoyable As the collection went on I found myself getting less and less invested in the stories of the great detective I tutted and sighed at how formulaic and ridiculous some of the stories were My utter frustration came to a...

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