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My Tea Book Current Effort Invites You To A World Of Tranquil Indulgence, A True Joie De Vivre With A Variety Of Tea And Tisanes Gongfu, Tea Roses, Clove, Chamomile, Lavender, Safflower, Alfalfa, Verveine, Jasmine, Thyme, Mint, Sage, Annatto, Lovage, Or Berries.For Most Of Us, A Cup Of Tea Is Not Only A Rustic Pleasure There Is A Dizzying Number Of Tastes From Which To Choose And Every Tea, Whether A Delicately Sweet Japanese Green, A Welsh Te Bach, Or Indian Darjeeling Black, Tells A Story In A Cup About The Land That Nurtured It, The People Who Harvested It, And The Tea Making Skills That Transformed It Thus, Having A Cup Of Tea Is Than A Ritual.Beyond The Caffeine Chart, Tea Cultures, Or Perfect Tea Food Pairs, This Book Tells And Illustrates The Healthy Tea Ware Used Since The Tang Dynasty Times,or Georgian, Victorian, Romanov Era, To Our Days It Also Updates The Scientific Knowledge About The Healing And Hazardous Effects Of Tea And Various Tisanes.While There Is No Shortage Of Tea Related Tomes, This Definitive Guide Will Appeal To Die Hard Tea Enthusiasts Keen To Learn History, Culture, And Tips Of Enjoyment Of This Onerous And Ubiquitous Beverage Welcome To My Tea Party