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CRISIS (Descendants Saga (Crisis Sequence) Book 2) PDF Epub CRISIS Descendants Saga Crisis Sequence Book 2 Author James Somers Bandcamptomp3.co.uk While Plague Zombies Rage Through The Streets Of London And Begin Their Conquest Beyond Britain, Jonathan, Holly, Cassie, And Garth Try To Stay Alive Vladimir Nesky Seeks To Complete His Mission For Russia By Apprehending Patient Zero Before MI6 S Director Sayers And Her Special Forces Team Can Steal Him Away To Secure A Cure For The Virus For Britain However, What No One Realizes Yet Is That These Ravenous Zombies Are Changing, Becoming Lethargic And Slow, Desiring To Feed Than Infect So They Can Hybernate Away In The Dark, For They Are Becoming Something Elsesomething Cunning And Deadly That Is No Longer Human And Who Is The Mysterious Supernatural Watcher How Is He Connected To Jonathan And The Others And Will He Use His Power To Save Or Destroy Them

About the Author: James Somers

James somers is the author of than a dozen Sci fi and Fantasy novels available on Kindle including The Serpent Kings, Percival Strange, Perdition s Gate, and The Realm Shift Trilogy He has also written several Bible studies for Kindle including What s So Great About Salvation and What Does it Mean to be Born Again Upcoming novels include sequels to The Serpent Kings, Percival Strange,

10 thoughts on “CRISIS (Descendants Saga (Crisis Sequence) Book 2)

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    AWESOME What can I say but AWESOME The plot thickens and everything comes together I cant wait for the next instalment

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    while the watcher waited, the world ragedJonathan has watched his world fall apart England has been destroyed by this virus that turns it people into blood thirsty, sometimes man eating monsters he and his companions have escaped one ...

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    Best book.everReally really good the thought behind this is awesome can t wait for next in series I wonder when Garth and cassie will realized their kin.

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