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The Logbooks Reading The Logbooks By Anne Farrow Instaposter.us In 1757, A Sailing Ship Owned By An Affluent Connecticut Merchant Sailed From New London To The Tiny Island Of Bence In Sierra Leone, West Africa, To Take On Fresh Water And Slaves On Board Was The Owner S Son, On A Training Voyage To Learn The Trade The Logbooks Explores That Voyage, And Two Others Documented By That Young Man, To Unearth New Realities Of Connecticut S Slave Trade And Question How We Could Have Forgotten This Part Of Our Past So Completely.When Writer Anne Farrow Discovered The Significance Of The Logbooks For The Africa And Two Other Ships In 2004, Her Mother Had Been Recently Diagnosed With Dementia As Farrow Bore Witness To The Impact Of Memory Loss On Her Mother S Sense Of Self, She Also Began A Journey Into The World Of The Logbooks And The Atlantic Slave Trade, Eventually Retracing Part Of The Africa S Long Ago Voyage To Sierra Leone As The Narrative Unfolds In The Logbooks, Farrow Explores The Idea That If Our History Is Incomplete, Then Collectively We Have Forgotten Who We Are A Loss That Is In Some Ways Similar To What Her Mother Experienced Her Meditations Are Well Rounded With References To The Work Of Writers, Historians, And Psychologists Forthright, Well Researched, And Warmly Recounted, Farrow S Writing Is That Of A Novelist S, With An Eye For Detail Using A Wealth Of Primary Sources, She Paints A Vivid Picture Of The Eighteenth Century Connecticut Slavers The Multiple Narratives Combine In Surprising And Effective Ways To Make This An Intimate Confrontation With The Past, And A Powerful Meditation On How Slavery Still Affects Us.

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    I thought this book had real potential when I picked it up Connecticut is such a boring place to live, so it s nice to find books that deal with its history Sadly, this book just didn t live up to my expectations My main problem was with the fact that the author kept writing the same stuff over and over I remember at least two or three times where she wrote about how people told her not to do a book about slavery in America because it had already been done before I also wasn t a huge fan of the author s incorporation of the s...

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    Anne Farrow takes logbooks kept by Dudley Saltonstall, a young man from a prominent Connecticut merchant family, and uses them to illustrate the cruelty of the slave trade This Connecticut trader thought of his captives as he did any other item he transported for profits and had no shame and felt no remorse Saltonstall was commercially successful Slave sales helped springboard the family to the upper strata of American wealth Ms Farrow s point in writin...

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    Loved it For anyone who grew up on southeastern Connecticut, the names and places resonate with the dark side of a history we never suspected existed.

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