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In High Gear (Harlequin Nascar) PDF Epub In High Gear Harlequin Nascar Gina Wilkins Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Some Secrets Aren T Ever Forgotten Since The Early Days Of NASCAR, The Murphy And Grosso Families Haven T Been Exactly Friends In Fact, Bitter Enemies Might Be Accurate, With Tales Of Deception, Cheating And Even Suspected Murder But Driver Kent Grosso Who S Still Hearing About His Grandfather S Decades Old Grudge Has A Few Closeted Skeletons Of His Own.Professional Photographer Tanya Wells Thought She Knew Kent Pretty Well, But It Turns Out Kent S Been Hiding A Few Details From Her To Make Matters Worse, Kent S Been Getting Anonymous E Mails From Someone Who S A Little Too Familiar With The Grosso Family Historyand Isn T Above A Little Blackmail Now The Past Is Coming Up Fast In Kent S Rearview Mirror Question Is, Can He Swerve In Time To Avoid A Deadly Collision

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    In High Gear by Gina WilkinsHarlequin NASCAR Series Library Secrets And Legends Book 1This is the first book of sixteen that focuses around the feuding Grosso Murphy families along with meeting the Branch family and members from Motor Media Group, who supply PR people to keep things running smoothly.When Kent Grosso receives an email that seems to threaten to expose his past mistakes, he can only assume it s from his enemy Justin Murphy Until that email arrived Kent was living the perfect life of a very lucky man Since then things are falling apart He just wants everything back where it was before.Tanya Wells is a photographer and doing well in her business She loves Kent for who he is as a person, not because he s a NASCAR driver She was expecting a proposal in the near future but when he tells her of his past it throws her off balance He wasn t completely honest with her and she is carrying...

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    This book was probably the hardest of the Nascar books to get through Having read several of the other Nascar books out of order and reading about Kent and Tanya, I couldn t wait to read their story The heroine, Tanya, was so judgmental, and unsupportive of the hero, Kent, that I disliked her immensely It was so frustrating that she couldn t get over a minor thing he did 10 years ago All of the characters were at odds with each other the entire book and the storyline ...

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    My brother will be relieved that I believe I am done with the Harlequin NASCAR series They re starting to interconnect closely and feel much like a serialized thing I m not a fan Things aren t getting wrapped up into a nice neat little package This book, in particular, is...

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    I m glad I m finished with the racing romances for a while.

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    Good one, but there is an unanswered question, so I will have to do some research and see if there is a continuation to find out the answer.

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