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    Yes, I did just reread my own book Sometimes authors need a little jumpstart to writing I was happy with how this novel was written and it s definitely encouraging me to write Let s just say though, that I hope my writing has matured from my 13 year old s writing in this novel At least I k...

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By Moonlight Reading By Moonlight By Therese May Jwdfitness.co.uk Eighteen Year Old Rhazanna S Mind Was Running A Million Miles An Hour Thoughts In A Whirl, Rhazanna Barely Had Time To Realize What She Was Thinking Before New Thoughts Replaced The Old Ones Even Though Countless Thoughts Were Running Through Her Head, One Thought Stayed Visible At All Times One Thought Told Her That Countless People Would Suffer Because Of Him One Thought Told Her That Her Life Would Never Be The Same Even If She Didn T Get Caught One Thought Told Her.to Run When Her Parents, The King And Queen, Die, Princess Rhazanna Finds Herself At The Hands Of The Evil Lord Phidias Cosmos, Who Is Plotting To Take The Kingdom Of Anthea From Her Fleeing From The Palace, Rhazanna Is Injured And Forgets Everything Trying To Repay The Family Who Took Her In, Rhazanna Is Caught Up In Her Own Troubles Meanwhile, Anthea Is Trapped In Its Own Troubles As Lord Cosmos Destroys The Kingdom Of Anthea Will Rhazanna Regain Her Memory Soon Enough To Take Back The Throne And Save The Kingdom She Loves Or Will Lord Cosmos Succeed In His Evil Plans For Power