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Brazil EPUB Brazil Author Russell Slater Liversite.co.uk Sounds And Colours Brazil Is A New Book And CD Focused On Brazilian Music And Culture With Interest In Brazil Set To Reach Fever Pitch Make Sure You Get The Inside Scoop On What Makes The Country Tick Its Creativity, Diversity And Rich Cultural History If You Re Thinking Bossa Nova, Carmen Miranda And Jorge Amado Then This Book May Not Be For You Sure, These Are All Important Parts Of Brazilian Culture And Feature In Our Book In Some Way But We Wanted To Go Deeper Than That.Staying As Far Away From The Stereotypes And Cliches As Possible, Sounds And Colours Brazil Is Part Book, Part Magazine, Part Fanzine And All Passion With 200 Pages Of Articles, Illustrations And Photos That Show Brazil In A Completely New Light We Ve Gone Behind The Scenes To Find Out The Music Making Waves In Rio, S O Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador And Recife We Ve Looked Into Why Brazil Is Miles Ahead When It Comes To Harnessing Digital Tools For Creativity We Ve Dived Head First Into Brazilian Hip Hop, Carimb , Afrobeat And Jongo, Letting You Know Why You May Want To Give Your Stereo A Decidedly Brazilian Refit We Even Got Renowned Brazilian Music Experts Like Hermano Vianna And Jos Teles To Share Their Infinite Wisdom Plus, The Book Comes With A 20 Track Compilation Of Brand New Brazilian Music So You Can Hear Exactly What We Re Talking About.