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Speaking Rights to Power How Can Speaking Rights To Power Construct Political Will To Respond To Human Rights Abuse Worldwide Examining Dozens Of Cases Of Human Rights Campaigns And Using An Innovative Analysis Of The Politics Of Persuasion, This Book Shows How Communication Politics Build Recognition, Solidarity, And Social Change Building On Twenty Years Of Research On Five Continents, This Comprehensive Study Ranges From Aung San Suu Kyi To Anna Hazare, From Congo To Colombia, And From The Arab Spring To Pussy Riot Speaking Rights To Power Addresses Cutting Edge Debates On Human Rights And The Ethic Of Care, Cosmopolitanism, Charismatic Leadership, Communicative Action And Political Theater, And The Role Of Social Media It Draws On Constructivist Literature From Social Movement And International Relations Theory, And Analyzes Human Rights As A Form Of Global Social Imagination Combining A Normative Contribution With Judicious Critique, This Book Shows How Human Rights Rhetoric Matters And How To Make It Matter.

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    This book was read for my Global Topics International Human Rights course at NYU Though Brysk provides a broad and in depth analysis of the topic, she is extremely repetitive and scattered, thus making it hard to follow It felt almost as if one gained knowledge simply from the conclusion paragraphs at the end of each chapter than the chapter as a whole, as one had to dig out her points amongst the elaborate examples she gave In all honesty, the general message of the book could have bee...

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    This is a great book for a student or someone interested in human rights and wanting to learn about many interesting human rights campaigns However, it s mostly descriptive and fails to analyze deeply what makes a winning human rights campaign how you mobilize the public It s not a tough read for this kind of book and in between the pages I found some good nuggets of wisdom that will be useful in my own human rights work In sum, works well for the casual reader, but might disappoint those al...

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