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The Dying Sahara The Dying Sahara Free Author Jeremy Keenan Vinoschilenos.eu In The Dark Sahara Pluto, 2009 , Jeremy Keenan Exposed The Collusion Between The US And Algeria In Fabricating Terrorism To Justify A New Saharan Front In Washington S War On Terror Now, In The Dying Sahara, He Reveals How The Designation Of The Region As A Terror Zone Has Destroyed The Lives And Livelihoods Of Thousands Of Innocent People.Beginning In 2004, With What Local People Called The US Invasion Of The Sahel, The Dying Sahara Shows How Repressive, Authoritarian Regimes Cashing In On US Terrorism Rents Provoked Tuareg Rebellions In Both Niger And Mali Further, He Argues That US Activity Has Unleashed A New, Narco Trafficking Branch Of Al Qaeda.Keenan S Chillingly Detailed Research Shows That The US And Its New Combatant African Command AFRICOM Have Created Instability In A Region The Size Of Western Europe.

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    Among my this is a depressing must reads I put Jeremy Keenan s The Dying Sahara at the top of the list The book is a sequel to Keenan s first important work on that region of growing global scramble for oil, uranium, gold The Dark Sahara Together the two books give an in depth analysis of all of the machinations taking place in what is for American readers, an obscure region of the world The fundamental thesis in The Dying Sahara that the United States AFRICOM and other lowlife counter intelligence, dirty tricks organizations has essentially provoked a series of false flag operations to use as a pretext for an increased U.S military intervention throughout Africa as Africa s role as an increasing source of energy, minerals, etc, becomes central On a human level remember that the fate of peoples is involved Keenan s life long connection to the peoples of the Sahara give the book a richness and a human dimension that is rare in political studies of this nature.He is a rare humanistic bird in a field of vultures anthropologists I sho...

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    This is a book well worth reading It presents a convincing narrative of the global war on terror in and around the Sahel Jeremy Keenan does a great job in presenting the facts and making the reader understand the situation that...

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