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10 thoughts on “amBITCHous: (def.) A Woman Who: 1. Makes more money 2. has more power 3. gets the recognition she deserves 4. has the determination to go after her dreams and

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    A must read for any woman.Read this book to knock down those false beliefs imposed on you by society, family, community, religion, etc They re like an ill fitting coat someone gave you and guilted you into wearing This less than woman is not who you really are.

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    I feel like at some point there will be a book that introduces women to the business world without 1 telling them This book will allow you to be feminine and own a business or 2 This book will allow you to be feminine and run a good business I feel like women my age and younger are definitely not concerned about how their femininity will be effected by their business ambition Perhaps we are concerned about the possibility probability of juggling other life ambitions family friends children home but even that feels old school to me Most of my friends grew up with both p...

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    While much of the guidance in the book is probably relatively natural for an ambitious woman, it just gives you the green flag to be true to yourself withouth feeling guilty The repetition of the word bitch on every page is very numbing We can t change what we ll be called in the near future, so we might as well get over that This book is very encouraging for women dealing with the American opinion of am bitch ous women, and the affects ...

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    This book was difficult to get through, not only because the word BITCH jumped out at you on every single page, but it was almost because I felt like this woman disparaged women who actually WANT to give up a business career and become a housewife You know, some women actually have that as a goal, and that s totally fine it s their lives,...

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    Wordplay with Bitch can only take you so far..I agree with another reviewer how often can the word BITCH be highlighted The positive points get lost.

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    This was a difficult book to read because you see the word BITCH on every single page It s filled with sound advice, but any smart business woman can figure this stuff out by just working hard.

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    We read this for book club and I was impressed Basically most women are not confident in selling themselves as a brand And sometimes, that is what is needed Being ambitious in the wrok place should not be a dirty word for women Very positive message.

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    read this as part of my finance book club She spends a lot of time defending ambition which I never considered a dirty word Also some of her suggestions for what to say in meetings are, in my opinion, completely unprofessional.

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    Great book for successful, ambitchous women This book really does make you open your eyes and demand that you be treated and earn what you re worth If you re a career minded women, it s a must read.

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    Unfortunately, in the corporate world, women don t always feel like we re allowed to be in positions of power But this book is an inspirational, motivational book on a feminine approach to management Great tips, great insights, and full of awesome resources.

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amBITCHous: (def.) A Woman Who: 1. Makes more money 2. has more power 3. gets the recognition she deserves 4. has the determination to go after her dreams and Ebook AmBITCHous Def A Woman Who 1 Makes More Money 2 Has More Power 3 Gets The Recognition She Deserves 4 Has The Determination To Go After Her Dreams And By Debra Condren Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Wouldn T It Be Great If You Could Be Audaciously Ambitious And Happy At The Same Time You Can, And You Will I M Here To Tell You That All Of Your Priorities Personal And Ambitious Career Goals Alike Can Fit Together Harmoniously I Ll Show You How, Like Thousands Of Women I Ve Worked With Over The Years, You Can Make Money, Earn The Credit And Recognition You Deserve, Have Power, And Be As Ambitious As You Want To Be I Ll Show You How You Can Be Ambitchous Without Compromising Your Ethics And Integrity I Ll Show You That You Can Feel Worthy And Entitled To All Of This Without Fear That You Risk Sacrificing Your Desire To Have A Full, Happy Personal Life And Without Being Afraid That You Ll Be Less Of A Woman It S Worked For Me It S Worked For Countless Ambitchous Women I Ve Advised It Will Work For You From AmBITCHousWe Women Aren T Advancing In Our Careers The Way We Should We Re Not Making The Money We Deserve Or Getting The Fulfillment We Desire And This Time It S Not Men Who Are Holding Us Back This Time We Re Doing It To Ourselves, Because Ambition For Us Is Still A Dirty Word Debra Condren Has Coached Thousands Of Women At Every Level From Those Just Starting Out To The Most Powerful Female Executives In The United States And Each One Possesses The Same Fear If She Goes After Her Dream, She Ll Be Seen As Selfish, Bitchy, A Bad Wife, Or Bad Mother But It S Exactly This Fear Of Ambition That Has Forced Women To Leave The Best Part Of Themselves Their Dreams, Their Great Talents By The Roadside, Rendering Them Less Able To Be The Whole People They Should Be In Every Area Of Their Lives Condren Has A New Message And Mission To Remind Women That Ambition Is A Virtue, Not A Vice Ambition Is The Best Of Who We Are.The Real Way To Have A Great Life Is To See Ambition As A Part Of Your Value System To Which You Must Give Equal Attention, Along With The Other Priorities You Hold Dear, Including Your Spouse, Your Children, And Your Friends In AmBITCHous, Dr Condren Offers Fresh, Powerful Tools For Reclaiming Your Dreams Her Eight AmBITCHous Rules Provide Concrete, Innovative Solutions To The Everyday Struggles We As Women Face, Like Taking Credit, Deflecting Detractors, And Handling Confrontation, So That You Can Become Powerful And Fulfilled At Work And Satisfied At Home You Can Redefine Your Ambition In The Face Of Social Sanctions And Unapologetically Go After Your Dreams Without Sacrificing The Rest Of Your Life You Owe It To Yourself And The World To Make The Contribution You Were Born To Make Debra Condren Will Show You How To Do It.