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    This is a bit unusual for a teen pregnancy book because it doesn t follow the pregnancy till its conclusion In fact, only a week or two passes between the time Rosie finds out and the time the book ends There s not a whole lot of plot there, but there is a beautiful portrait of a remarkable family The girls divorced parents obviously adore their daughters even if they don t like each other any, and...

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    It s a really good book so far can t wait to finish it

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Losing Louisa Lacy Gets A Crash Course On Life, Love, And Families Lacey Levine S Family Has Changed Since Her Parents Divorce Her Mother Has Turned Into A Health Food Fanatic Who Wears Tight Clothes And Goes Out On Dates With A Guy Named Vinnie Her Father Is Remarried, And His New Wife Has Just Had A Baby Lacey Is Struggling With The Changes And Trying To Sort Out Her Own Crush On A Jerk Named David When She Finds Out Her Older Sister, Rosie Smart Rosie, Cheerleader Rosie, Rosie With The Angelic Singing Voice Is Pregnant At First, It Is Lacey Alone Who Supports Rosie As She Tries To Decide What To Do, But Soon It Becomes A Family Affair Abortion Seems The Right Choice Until Rosie Spends Time With Her New Half Sister And Starts To Think About The Baby Growing Inside Her, And Even Gives Her A Name Louisa As The Family Draws Together In Helping Rosie Sort Out Her Options, Lacey Discovers That, No Matter How It May Be Configured, Family Is Family Judith Caseley Has Written A Tender Novel About Sisters, Decisions, And Love In Its Many Forms.