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Job BOOKS Job Author John C.L Gibson Jwdfitness.co.uk One Of The Most Exciting And Challenging Books Of The Bible, Job Is A Literary Work Of Great Majesty And Power In This Commentary, John C L Gibson Helps Contemporary Readers Explore The Timeless Story Of The Afflicted Job And Its Meaning For Today.Carrying Forward Brilliantly The Pattern Established By Barclay S New Testament Series, The Daily Study Bible Has Been Extended To Cover The Entire Old Testament As Well Invaluable For Individual Devotional Study, For Group Discussion, And For Classroom Use, The Daily Study Bible Provides A Useful, Reliable, And Eminently Readable Way To Discover What The Scriptures Were Saying Then And What God Is Saying Today.

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    One of the most exciting and challenging books of the Bible, Job is a literary work of great majesty and power In this enlightening commentary, John C L Gibson helps contemporary readers explore this timeless story and its meaning for today.The purpose of the Book of Job is, according to Gibson, to discover a solution to the age long problem of unmerited suffering Having set forth in the first few verses the essential goodness of the principal character, the biblical book proceeds to give a description of his afflictions, including loss of property and family Gibson asks that we make every effort to do what the first readers were supposed to do, that is, Let this unsophisticated story chs 1 2 set the scene for the sophisticated debate to follow He thus leads the reader through the debates on what he describes as an exceedingly uncomfortable and tempestuous ride Gibson guides us through the passages in which Job s friends argue the meaning of his afflictions, to the appearance of the Lord s messenger, Elihu, the manifestation of Yahweh, and, finally, to Job s return to prosperity.This moving and troubling story of an innocent person speaks today as startlingly as it did centuries ago No book before or since has so pitilessly confronted human beings with the claims of the One in whom alone their soiled and burdened lives can find meaning and ...

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