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Towards Cosmopolis Towards Cosmopolis Free Author Leonie Sandercock Rarefishingbooks.co.uk From Polis To Metropolis, Men And Women Have Continued To Struggle To Perfect Our Cities Urban History Presents A Picture Of Grand Ideals And Devastating Failures Towards Cosmopolis Explores Why We Have Failed, And How We Could Succeed, In Building An Urban Utopia With A Difference Globalization, Civil Society, Feminism And Post Colonialism Are The Forces, Ever Shifting And Changing Our Cities We Need A New Vision To Face Such Change Sandercock Pulls Down The Pillars Of Modernist City Planning And Raises In Their Place A New Post Modern Planning, A Planning Sensitive To Community, Environment And Cultural Diversity Towards Cosmopolis Is Illustrated With Case Material From Around The World Which Present A Thousand Tiny Empowerments Of Current Planning Practice And With A Superb Range Of Specially Commissioned Images This Bold Critique Cuts To The Heart Of Current Debates About The Future Of Our Cities It Deserves A Place On Every Citizen S Shelf.

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