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A New Theory of Information & the Internet The Internet Is A Complex Environment That Affords Many Practices While Constraining Others The Challenge Is To Develop Languages And Tools To Critically Engage With These Environments And To Navigate The Topology Of Being A Citizen In A Technologically Mediated Environment This Book Begins This Undertaking A New Theory Of Information The Internet First Documents The Historical Emergence Of The Scientific, Mathematical, Computing, And Human Communication Discussions On Information, Together With The Rise Of Information As A Resource And A Commodity It Posits That The Contemporary Situation Has Not Changed In Terms Of Resolving Exactly What Information Might Be As A Real Thing What Has Changed Is The Idea Of Information As A Resource And A Commodity, Which Has Become A Cultural Trope A Standard Way Of Looking At Information In The Process Of Examining The Understanding Of Information And Communication, This Book Investigates The Notion Of An Informed Citizenry And The Possibilities Of A Public Sphere S Online Within The Context Of The Increasingly Ubiquitous Place Of The Internet In Social, Informational Life.

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